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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Christmas Stash!

Kirby here-

Hope all my blogging doggy dudes had an awesome Christmas. Below is a picture of my stash!
So let me explain to you some of my gifts: The green dog with the Santa hat came from my mom's friend at her job! Can you believe that, I have never met this girl but she thinks I'm adorable and wanted to give me a gift! The little bag of bones are from Dillion and his little person Emily (my mom's niece.) The kong football and basket ball are from my awesome mom! The bag of Natural Choice treats are from Ollie and my grandpa and grandma. The wrapped up thing is a Nylabone Healthy Edible from my friend Scooter and her mom and little person (my mom's sister and nephew). Yes, I had an awesome Christmas! Now for the damage report:

Green dog with Santa hat-one hole, mom still needs to fix. All fuzz has been cut off hat to avoid me trying to pull it off and eat it!

Football-mom is continuously cutting the green fuzz I keep pulling off of it. She can't figure out why I do this to the football and not my tennis balls. The good thing is, I don't eat it!

Basketball-two holes so far, they have been fixed by mom!

Bag of bones-3 bones gone, more to go!!

Treats-2 sticks gone, mom made a new game for me called hide the treat, or as I like to call it, treat torture for Kirby! She hides the treats in the living room and then makes me find them! She has been breaking these up into little pieces and hiding them in my toys, behind furniture etc... She calls this "using my smeller training!"

Wrapped up bone-still wrapped up. Mom is saving this for this weekend, she said that I can unwrap it then and eat it! I will get a little bit of Christmas all over again!

We also got a book written by my mom's neice Emily that is all about me! Here is a picture of the cover:

It is such a neat little book. It's filled with things for my mom to do and cool pictures of me! Emily even got my little crooked ear in there! The details are awesome and my mom may be doing a special post to show you some of the pics. My mom also wanted to share with you something special that Emily is doing. She is raising money for the animals at Harbor Humane Society and do you want to know how she is doing it?? All she is doing is asking friends and family for change! She has over 8 dollars raised so far! She is only 11 years old and is a wonderful little girl with a big heart for animals. We love you Emily!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...and Happy New Year!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Crazies Part 2!

Kirby here-
Well the Christmas Crazies have struck again! This time however it was over at my grandma and grandpa's house and my mom thought it would be fun to do crazy Christmas pictures again. This time she pulled Ollie, my poor, unsuspecting buddy into her madness. (Ollie is my grandparents dog).
Christmas Crazies part 2:

First mom started with me. Yep, she pulled out the Santa hat again and this time a bigger bear! Mom thought if Ollie saw how easy it was for me to do it then he would do it too! Neither the bear nor the hat ever stood a chance with Ollie so we don't have pictures of that.

So then mom thought Ollie and me could pose for a picture together in front of the Christmas tree. In the picture above Ollie and I are trying to devise a plan to somehow get rid of the Christmas crazies. At this point they have also invaded my grandma and grandpa who kept laughing at us. Ollie wanted to run to the door and pretend that he had to go out. I told him that would work for distracting grandma and grandpa. So, I thought if I grabbed the stuff bear and ripped it's head off that it would totally startle my mom and she would snap back to reality. Well, then as Ollie and I were about to perform our diabolical plan grandpa comes out with TREATS!!! I found out that not only am I a sucker for treats, but so is my buddy Ollie. Yep, we fell for it, and this is what my mom got:Yep we both fell for the treats. These were good treats too, JERKY treats. I mean really, how else do you think she got us to pose in the above picture! But then, my mom snapped back to reality and put the Santa hat on herself and pulled me into her lap and grandma took our picture:My mom and me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My mom in action!

Kirby here-

Well if you have been following my blog for awhile you already know how important it is to me and my mom to help out at Harbor Humane Society (where I came from). My mom's thing to do is to volunteer at adoption events. She always does an event at Chow Hound Pet Store once a month for Harbor and then if something else comes along they need help with she tries to do that too (cool mom huh!). Mom believes we have to do what we can to help these dogs find good homes. Harbor is a kill shelter so we try to do whatever we can, whenever we can.

Well this past Saturday she helped at a really cool adoption event! There is a second hand store in Holland, Michigan that invited about 8 rescue agencies in with their dogs and cats! Now, this was right up my mom's alley! A thrift store and adoption event all in one place! Mom said Harbor had five dogs there! She said it was a lot of fun and they had people filling out apps and taking apps home!!

Below is the link to an article done by the local paper and my mom's picture is in it!!!! She is holding the little lhasa mix, Harley. Enjoy the article, it's titled secondhand pup-cute huh!


I got my first Christmas card!! Roo sent me a Christmas card of him! Here is a pic of me with the card:

So, let me share with you some info on Roo: He is also a rescued mutt like me. He was adopted on Halloween day in 2009, but don't worry he isn't a scary dude at all! He is a very funny fella who likes to go down slides and chase squirrels! Thank you for the card Roo, if my mom ever gets cards done I will be sure to send you one. It's getting kind of late for Christmas but she did just see New Year's ones, so there is still hope!! The link to Roo's blog is below, stop by and say hi!

PS: Stay tuned for the Christmas Crazies Part 2!!!!



Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas crazies invade Kirby's World!

Kirby here-

Yes, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas around here! We are supposed to get lots more snow, and it's like single digit temps right now which is kind of a shock to the system after some high 30 degree days. I'm thinking it's the very cold temps that have shocked my mom's brain cells into thinking that I needed to get into the Christmas spirit too. So, before I tell you about the ultimate craziness my mom put me through let me share with you some special highlights.

Since this is my first Christmas with my mom, she said I needed an ornament for the tree. It was kind of sad, she had all these ornaments for Angel Max, mom still misses him at times and from what I know he was a very cool dog. So mom ran to Shelby's Place (thrift store for Harbor Humane Society-the only thrift store going to the dogs!), to see if she could find something. All the proceeds from sales go back to the shelter so me and mom are all for shopping here! And guess what...she found one. It WAS a little white dog hanging a wreath, it now resembles me. It's amazing what permanent markers can do. Mom marked it on the back with my name and date of my first Christmas! Here is a pic (you will see one next to it on the right-this was Angel Max's first Christmas ornament, mom thought it would be cool to put my first Christmas ornament next to Angel Max's)-yeah I like that idea too:
I also got my own Christmas stocking! Mom put my name on it. Don't you like what it says:I also have a new Christmas collar. Now, normally I wouldn't brag about having to wear anything, it's really not my style, but I don't mind wearing this collar thing as I have gotten a lot of compliments. Below are some pics of me modeling it:

Okay, now let me tell you about the Christmas Crazies that have recently invaded my mom's head. First it starts with me wearing a Santa hat. I didn't do this very willingly, I made sure I worked the system enough to get treats. I guess it worked, mom got some nice pics of me and I got TREATS! I know, in the pic above I look kind of pathetic don't I. I will warn you, I'm not smiling in any of these pics, I am only going through this for the treats, and the fact that my mom laughed alot and I love to hear her laugh, even it it's at my expense (nice guy aren't I).

My mom thought it would be adorable if I posed with this Santa Bear, yeah he's a bit too close for my style. Below we are having a heart to heart about how close he REALLY needs to be. So then, if one bear wasn't enough, she pulls out another one and this one has a beard. Mom says with my little white tuff under my chin and his beard we make an adorable couple! Yeah I got more treats for this one, "hee hee", see my smarty dog smile below: So then, my mom thought we would all look adorable in my big fluffy bed! Oh yeah, more treats coming my way for this: So let's end this day on the upside shall we? Mom decided she was going to wrap some Christmas presents today and I thought I would take a good snooze. So when I woke up, guess what was under the tree: A PRESENT FOR ME!!!! I can't wait for Christmas!

Now, maybe if mom told me in the beginning there would be a present for me, maybe, just maybe I would have smiled. Hmmm...yeah right!



Saturday, December 11, 2010

My CGC certificate came today!!!

Kirby here-

Mom and I stopped and got the mail today after a long walk at the park and she was so excited when she got back in the car. There was this big envelope and she just kept saying, "it came, it came!" I'm thinking, "okay mom....chill."

Turns out that my Canine Good Citizenship certificate came. Yep, she had to get a picture of me with it:

Mom got a little brochure with the certificate of all the things she can get with the CGC logo on it. She said she will probably get me the little ID tag, of course she also likes the bandanas and pins so who knows what we will end up with, mom goes a tad crazy when it comes to me. Makes me feel so good that I have made her so happy!



PS: speaking of mom going crazy, wait until the next post, the title might be "Mom's going crazy at Christmas!" Believe me , the pictures will tell it all! Just think of a santa hat, santa bears and poor lil ole me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

6 months of Kirby!

Kirby's mom here-

Well yesterday was Kirby's 6 month anniversary! I can't believe I have had him for 6 months already. I can't believe what we have accomplished and the new roads we will be going down. So I thought I would share with you 6 things you may not know yet about Kirby:

1. Kirby has hair that will stick up! The hair on his back is somewhat coarse and the hair on his head is very soft, but I can get it all to stick up. He totally hates this so it is pretty much impossible for me to get a picture of it, but believe me it's cute!

2. Kirby's nose is changing colors. When I first got him it was completely black, and now it has been going to an off beigey brown type color. Not sure why, but it's changing.

3. Kirby loves men! Kirby absolutely loves my dad and will just do anything to get by him to get petted. Kirby also loves some of the guy neighbors in our neighborhood and literally turns into a sap with them.

4. Kirby loves fluff ball dogs. Kirby is dog reactive, but so far every fluff ball dog (shih tzu type) we have run into he has been very good with.

5. Kirby is fond of my Boyd's bears. I have stuffed Boyd's bears that I have collected over the years and they now have been relocated to higher shelves on the bookcases. He doesn't chew on them, just likes to relocate them. Apparently he thinks they look better in my kitchen and bedroom!

6. Kirby is a chewer. I have him well supplied with Nylabones and chewie type toys. I have probably fixed about 5 other toys and thrown out more than that! But the only thing of mine he has chewed is a door frame (not bad huh?).

Well there you go! I also thought I would share with you some of the first pics of Kirby I took at the shelter and then show you some others that are my favorites.

First I thought I would share a little history on how I found Kirby. I found Kirby at Harbor Humane Society. I was on vacation, the week after Memorial Day, so that Tuesday I thought it was time I start looking for a dog. I had to put my dog Max down in March, and terribly missed having a dog in my house. I walked in and started looking. I knew I wanted a small or medium sized dog. I looked at all the dogs, went by the small dogs and all but one was barking and jumping like crazy in their cages. The quiet one was Kirby (his shelter name was "Bay"). He just sat there watching me. I glanced at him because he was adorable reminding me of Benji, but was concerned because he wasn't barking, I wondered was he deaf? So I continued to look around and then went back to the small dogs. I looked again at Kirby and he sat there wagging his tail. I took him out and visited with him. He was very calm but happy too. I decided that he was the dog for me. Not too hyper, nice energy level and all around a nice dog. I brought my family in one day to meet him and he did great even with my 2 year old nephew. I had to wait until the following week to get him, because he was brought in as a stray and they had to wait 7 days until they adopted him out. So, I had to wait till that Saturday in case someone claimed him. I went there everyday that week and visited with him. On about the third day when I went to put him back in his cage, he cried, then I cried. Waiting was torture, for both of us. On that Saturday, he was officially mine! I came in and bathed him, because that Monday he would be neutered and I would have to wait a couple weeks before I could get him groomed.

In the picture below, you can see how skinny he was. Kirby was only 12 pounds when I brought him home. He is now 18 pounds!Notice his crooked ear in the picture below. We found out later that Kirby had double ear infections. Poor little guy, but was always happy to see me anyways. He even endured the bath I gave him at the shelter. I didn't know then that he had an ear infection.

Now, here are pictures of Kirby in his new life. Laying on his favorite couch:

Playing with toys!
All this picture says is, "awww....."


The picture below is his ruggedly handsome look, he prefers saying it's his "watch out squirrels, I AM HERE!" look.

The pics below are my absolute favorites of Kirby, along with the one in the opening of his blog.
Hope you enjoyed learning more about Kirby. Kirby has taught me so much about himself and myself. I have had to read books, watch videos and talk to trainers, something I didn't have to do with Max, but I am amazed at what I have learned. I have heard you don't get the dog you want, you get the dog you need. I think Kirby would say, you don't get the owner you want, you get the one that will make you the best dog you can be!

Thankful for Kirby,
Kirby's mom

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New "job" toys for Kirby!

Kirby's mom here-
Well I am always on the look out for new "job" toys for the Kirbydude! Kirby really has a knack for trying to "solve a problem", or in his language, "gotta get to the treat!" Another blogger( and I apologize, I can't remember who posted it), posted about Holeee Balls. She said her dog loved it and she stuck a treat in it for him. Here is a pic of the one I got for Kirby, you can see his treat inside it:Well, he absolutely loves playing with this ball and will roll it and roll it and carry it around and throw it trying to get this treat out. I tested it, the treat will actually fall out one of the holes if he gets it just right. But both nights now though he has worked it and worked it, and I have helped him get it in the end. Here is a pic of him enjoying it:Today, I was at an adopt a thon with Harbor Humane Society and we were at ChowHound. I love this store, their selection of toys and food is the best that I have seen around! Well I have been looking at toys that I think will make Kirby really use his brain. I have seen some around but are pretty expensive. Well I found one today! It's called "The IQube". It is basically a box with cutouts on the sides and inside are four squeaky balls. I can also try to add a treat in there too. Well we tried it tonight, without the treat, and Kirby did this like 5 times. He really loved this toy. He loves it so much that the last time I grabbed the balls to put them back in, I could only find two (only here could we actually lose balls). So I now have to hunt down two squeaky balls. Here is a video of Kirby, he actually pulls them all out in less than a minute! But, the next time he did it it took him about five minutes.

Now here is another cool thing...The company that makes this is called Kyjen. Another blog I follow that I just read tonight has a post about a contest from this company! They are giving away a toy a day! So if you want a chance to win a cool toy like this go to Kirby the Dorkie's sight: and check out his Dec. 2 post about Boycotting Boring Toys. Kirby the Dorkie has a cool blog and his mom loves to post recipes for our canine companions. Stop by and check it out and tell them the other Kirby sent you!

-Kirby's mom