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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My week in review!

Kirby here!
Well it's been quite a week so I thought I would wrap up my Sunday night by sharing with you my favorite moments!
First off, on Tuesday I got the Paw Hide Puzzle I won from Bocci! Not only were mom and I excited, but the UPS guy who delivered the box said that there must be some smart dog living here to be able to do that kind of puzzle, well of course I told him it was ME! Here is a picture of me with the puzzle:Below is a pic of me working it. Mom said I had to start out with just one cup, but as of today I am doing three and may try for four tonight!! Mom said I was so funny because it took me awhile to realize the treat stayed in the puzzle. I took the cup off with my mouth and would go running off with it, but there was no treat in the cup, then I realized where the treat is, now I'm a pro!I had so much fun with this that mom said we should take it over to Scooter's house tonight. Scooter is a beagle mix who is 15 years old!! But she could still do the puzzle and had fun with it too:Mom said we will bring it over to Grandpa and Grandma's house for Ollie to try too. Then Friday night when mom came home from work, she said we had company coming! My Aunt Lori and the kids were coming over and Aunt K and little B and Scooter were too! So everyone came over and we had pizza and Aunt Lori and the kids spent the night. They were supposed to go home Saturday but look what happened:Yep, not necessarily a blizzard, but over here in West Michigan they call it the Lake Effect Snow Machine! The roads were awful Saturday so Aunt Lori and the kids stayed one more night and when we woke up in this morning it was -7 degrees out! BRRRR!!!! It was really sunny and pretty, but so COLD! The kids really wanted to go out and play, but it definitly had to warm up a bit. So we played indoors. Mom thought it would be fun for me to try and jump over the was so much fun. I did this like a bazillion times! Look at me fly over the kids:So we did this and some of my tricks and eventually it was warm enough (if you consider 15 degrees warm) to go outside. The kids and I put our coats on and out we went. The kids had fun on top of the snow bank and sliding down the other side, so I had to go and check it out. Below is a pic of me jumping on the snow bank:
But it was so cold out there that when I got to the top of the snow bank, my paws were freezing up. That's Emily in the pic below trying to help me (can you see my tongue?) hee hee!:Yeah it was too cold in the snow for me, so I stayed on the plowed parking lot. I walked around and checked pee mail and stuff and horsed around with the kids a bit:
Well, we weren't out very long and it was time for my Aunt Lori and the kids to go home. I really liked spending time with these kids, they are a lot of fun and like to make me do my tricks! So after they left mom decided it was time to get my new window seat together. My mom got an old hamper from a family member and thought it would make a great window seat for me in the bedroom. She put a rubber backed rug over it so I'd have a little cushion and then threw a blanket over it...pretty cool huh:

Yeah, it was a great week, kind of on the cold side. Mom and I didn't get out for too many walks but we played a lot inside and worked on my puzzle and other brain games. The are calling for even more snow this week, but hopefully it will be warmer!


  1. Looks like a fun week - cool puzzle!

  2. What a cool puzzle! We really want to get one and see if WE are smart dogs too!

  3. very smart Kirby CGC! Kirby has a puzzle like that - took him a little bit to get the cups off but loves it! Read your comment about the Busy Buddy Twist-n-Treat. I put Kirby's in his kennel with him when I leave to go to work. It's always empty when I get home! Now if you could just explain to him how to do that dang Tug-o-jug toy!!

  4. We loved spending time with you too Kirby!
    Love, Aunt Lori and the Terrific Trio! :)

  5. What a cool puzzle game!

    We really enjoy your blog and sharing of how much Kirby is learning. We have an award for you here:

  6. The puzzle looks so interesting and it is very kind of you to share it with your friend.
    I've to tell you that I love LOVE your header picture, it's pawsome!!! Beautiful!

  7. Hello handsome Kirby! Guess what? I has awarded you with The Stylish Blogger Award!! Can you believes your awesome luck?!

    Check it out:

    Big Slurps, HoneyBuzz

  8. Pawsome week Kirby! Luved the shot of you leapin over the prone kids :D And of course you quickly became a pro at the puzzle :) Maybe Mom will get you some booties for your feet ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Kirby, the Paw Hide Puzzle looks like a lot of fun! I recently got a similar kind of toy for Christmas. We enjoyed reading about how you ran off with the cup, LOL.