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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pawing it forward

Kirby here-

Have you heard of "pawing it forward", actually I think my mom says it's "Paying it forward", but hey, I'm a dog! Anyways there is a really cool news station here that featured a dog abuse story, the link is below. This news station is doing a pay it forward theme all month! I just want to encourage all the pawrents out there to think of a way to "paw it forward." Can you help at a local shelter or maybe can you provide for a treatment that a dog or cat at a shelter might need or maybe you can foster a dog or cat. My mom paws it forward by volunteering for Harbor Humane Society. Is there something you can do? Can you somehow share the love that you have for your furriend and give some to another...If you already do this share your story! If not, please consider doing something!,0,4985420.story

Also, we recently found out about how much supplies Harbor Humane Society goes through every month:

• 4,000 pounds of cat litter

• Approximately 1,000 pounds of dog and puppy food

• Approximately 900-1,000 pounds of cat and kitten food

• Approximately 200-300 rolls of paper towel

• Approximately 200-300 cans of cat/kitten food

• 60 gallons of bleach

Harbor Humane Society is the ONLY animal shelter in our county, therefore, every single animal that is found as a stray or is an owner surrender in our county is taken here! I believe they average 700 animals a month! They only have room for about 50-60 dogs and they are a kill shelter. Please check out a shelter near you furever home and find out how you can help! Whether it's donating, volunteering, fostering or adopting EVERYONE can do something!

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Kirby here!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday Squirrel Saga!!!!

Kirby here-
This past Sunday was just beautiful and mom and I decided to go to a park for a nice long walk. Well I got the scent of a squirrel and the saga below began to unfold....

Hey mom...what's that smell over there...I've smelled this''s...SQUIRREL! I just know there has to be one over there!"hee hee hee...that silly little dog can't see me hiding in the leaves and grass!!!"

Yeah...that little squirrel thinks he's so smart! He thinks I can't see him...well...get ready sucka!

"Oh @%$&^*#! I think he sees me! What do I do! What do I do! What do I do!?"

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, better run squirrel!

Dang! I think I left all my nuts down there!!!!!
Ha ha ha!!! Woof! I just love freaking those little buggers out!!


How did the play date go?

Kirby's mom here-

Well Saturday, Kirby went to a play date at our obedience place. Mary, the instructor, holds these every Saturday and I thought it was time for Kirby and I to try it. It didn't really go well at all. Kirby was first attacked when he walked in, not good for a dog who already is afraid of the other dogs. That dog was put on a leash and we put Kirby behind a fenced in area so he could get use to the dogs in a safe place. Everytime I could get Kirby to come out, a dog would come over and Kirby would either growl, bark or run back into the fenced area. Most of the dogs decided after one bark or growl from Kirby that maybe he was a dog that needed his space. However, one dog, wouldn't leave him alone. It was a German Shepherd, who was very big. No matter how much Kirby barked or growled at him he would just egg Kirby on. Very annoying for me, very terrifying for Kirby! I tried at times to do some agility with Kirby but then he would run under the table when other dogs would come by him. I guess the good thing was he didn't attack anybody, even when he barked or growled he was backing up, not going towards them.

After we got the shepherd away for awile, Kirby stayed under my chair for the rest of the time. Mary thought he did good, I myself am not so sure, maybe because I'm his mom and I just didn't like seeing Kirby like that. I also try to give him a safe place to go, and I feel like I failed him that day.

Then on Tuesday night, we went back for class, and he wouldn't even go in the room! I finally did get him in. There were only two dogs there so Mary said to let them off leash, and Kirby just went under my chair and shook. I finally put him on the leash and class began, then he was okay. We ran through CGC practice (test is next Tuesday!). Kirby did awesome on everything except the time when I have to go away for 3 mins...he barked! Oh well, we will see what happens.

Needless to say, I'm not taking Kirby back to play group. I thought it would be good for him, since he does have dogs in his life that he plays with, but most of the dogs in the group are BIG dogs and well, Kirby just doesn't care for them. So, what is everyone's thought about that...would you keep trying if you had a dog like Kirby or would you just let things be as they are.

I really just want Kirby to be confident around other dogs and know that he is okay, I just don't know the best way to go about this. Any suggestions would be great!

Kirby's mom

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Kirby here-
Well guess what my mom pulled out tonight? That's right....the coat! She was all like, "Oh Kirby you are going to look so handsome in really is your color!" I tried to get away, tried to bite at the stupid thing, but in the end, mom won:
Don't I just look mortified! I can't even hold my head up with dignity here. I can't even believe she was taking pictures of me in it. Now, I remember Angel Max told me about the coats AND sweaters and to just go with makes our mom happy to think we are nice and warm on our walks. So I went ahead and walked with it, well mostly except for like every 10 feet I stopped and shooked. The coat never fell off, and all mom did was laugh! You'd think she would have said, "Oh poor Kirby, that coat is just really bugging you isn't it...let me take it off of you honey." But no, she just keeps walking and laughing...walking AND laughing!!!

It's going to be a very long winter here.....

Kirby's mom here-
Don't you just love his drama! I just wanted to tell you all about our obedience class this week. We worked on some of the agility toys, which Kirby did okay on and then they introduced us to rally obedience! That was a lot of fun, and with the exception of some heeling issues with Kirby (he got distracted), he did great! I think we may look into rally obedience. I know some of you are into agility and rally obedience, any advice for a beginner would be very welcome!
Also, Kirby gets to go to his first play group this Saturday. Our trainer does it every Saturday, however, our Saturdays can get pretty busy. I talked to Mary, our trainer, and she said Kirby is more than welcome to come, and he can be off leash. I talked to her about how I think he is more "vocal" when he is on the leash and she agreed. She has seen him off leash with the other dogs and said that this would be good for him. We can also play on the agility toys and practice some of our other training techniques. I can't wait!
Enjoying the drama that is Kirby,
Kirby's mom

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A day at the Ledges

Kirby's mom here-

Well, there is nothing like a nice autumn day here in Michigan! Yesterday, Kirby and I made a trip to my sister's and we all went to Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan. My sister has 3 kids all of which Kirby adores and vice versa. This park, nicknamed the Ledges, which you will see why below, has to be one of the most beautiful parks I have been to. Here are a few pics:

Many little creeks and streams run through the park and empty into the Grand River. The park is nicknamed the Ledges because throughout it, huge ledges have been formed over the years. There is one trail that has quite a few of them.
This is my niece Emily on on of them. She is actually on a wide landing, so she really isn't right on the edge.
All along the ledges are little caves, and crevices the kids and Kirby enjoyed exploring:

(Kirby wishing he could have joined them!)
Me, Claire my niece and Kirby in one of the little caves. These were really cool, we found one that was actually dripping water. Some were big like the one above, others you had to be little to fit into:That is my nephew Tyler in a little one, he had to lay down because it was that small! As you can see from the pics there are leaves everywhere. Here is are a few handsome pics of Kirby in them:
Check out his funny ear in the picture below:
He went absolutely nuts with all the smells. These are some of the few pictures where his nose is not on the ground! There were also tons of squirrels. We don't have any squirrels we live, lots of bunnies but no squirrels. Well here is a picture of one that drove Kirby absolutely nuts:
They were everywhere along the trail and Kirby enjoyed keeping an eye on them.

It is an absolutely beautiful park and dog friendly. We will definitely be going back! Here are some more handsome pictures of Kirby:
Kirby also got to meet my sister's dog Dillion at her house. Dillion also has a blog (that he shares with 2 cats and 20 some chickens!) here is his link you can click here or it is on the blog list on the side. Dillion is about a 7 year old chocolate lab who is very laid back, so I thought it would be okay for Kirby to meet him. Kirby of course barked and growled at Dillion and Dillion was totally cool with it. He gave Kirby his space and for the most part Kirby was okay only growling a few times. Kirby did love the cats. He never growled or barked at them, and didn't try to chase them either, even when one of them greeted him with a hiss. I really think he lived with cats in his past because he doesn't even go after the cats around our condo. I also found out Kirby loves chickens, well, loves to chase them! He ran around the coop a few times getting the old girls riled up and then I made him sit down for awhile and watch them. He made so many funny sounds at them it was hilarious! They were sounds between crying and barking. I didn't get any pictures of that because there was no way I could have held the camera and Kirby around the chickens so maybe next time. We are hoping as Kirby and Dillion keep on meeting that they will become friends and maybe we will then be able to get some pictures of them together.
It was a fun filled beautiful day for everybody. Kirby was totally pooped out on the way home. He slept the entire way! He is still trying to catch up on his sleep today.
More autumn adventures in Michigan later,
Kirby's Mom

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last night's obedience class

Kirby's Mom here-

Last night at obedience class it was agility night! Mary, the trainer, got out all the toys and the dogs got to try them out. Kirby did every single one, including the LONG tunnel. He really liked it. So is agility going to be his thing? We will see. I think I may talk to Mary to find out how I would proceed in this. Next week we get introduced to rally obedience, I'm excited for this too!

Last night they also practiced some of the tests for CGC test. Kirby normally doesn't like it when people touch his feet or paws. Well that's part of the test. We tried this a few weeks ago and when the trainer tried to touch his paws he really didn't like it, he stood up. During this part of the test he has to sit and stay sitting. Well, last night he was totally cool with it! YIPPEE! I have worked so hard with Kirby on this step so it was nice to see this pay off. I really think Kirby has a chance to pass the CGC test.

We had our typical doggy issues last night. A new dog was in class last night and just happened to sit next to us. A 6 month old standard poodle named Samson. He's a really cute dog, but very much a pup and the owner wasn't really paying attention to her dog. I told her about the issues Kirby has and in time he would probably be fine with Samson, but yeah, Kirby let him have it a few times. A few times on the agility toys Kirby also growled at some dogs, but at other times he did great!

Kirby has also decided to be friends with this little dog in our condo development. He has disliked this dog for quite awile, but the other day her owner and myself stood there talking and her dog and Kirby had a good chance to get used to each other. Tonight when we went out for a walk we met them walking and Kirby and her tried to play together. I love these little milestones with Kirby!

Also, you may remember another post about the elderly couple's dog who was hit by a car. Well, they go another dog Saturday! She is really cute, black like their other one, but a little bit smaller. She is about 5 years old and named Missy. They are totally enjoying her which is so good to see. Kirby has met her once, I think after they meet a few times, they will be fine with each other too.

Well here is a cute pic of my Kirby to share with you. He just loves the sun:
Kirby's mom

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A day at the beach!

Kirby here!

Mom said that today we were going to go somewhere I haven't been before. So of course I'm like so excited! We took off in the car and drove for about 30 minutes. It was a beautiful sunny fall day in Michigan! We finally came to a park and we got out and started walking:But this wasn't any ordinary park...I haven't been to a park yet with sand on the walk ways! Then I looked up and saw this:
So, mom and I walked through this tunnel and then we came to this:Mom said this place is called Lake Michigan! WOW! Here are few more pretty pics my mom took: Mom and I walked ALL the way down the beach in the above picture! You see, most of the parks along Lake Michigan do not allow dogs in the parks or on the beaches in the summer. However, starting October 1, us four legged furriends get our days at the beach! It wasn't very crowded at all and mom and I walked for quite awile and saw no one. Mom wanted to see if I liked water or not:Guess what? That's a big NO! That cold water touched my paws and I had had enough of that! I stayed on higher ground after that. Besides there were way to many smells and try to figure out!Here is picture of me posing by the water.
So mom and I walked one way down the beach for quite a while, then we turned around and headed back. We walked and walked and walked till we came to this:
Yes, after all that walking through the sand, we were going to walk up all those steps!!! Actually I think I was doing way better than mom! When we got to the top this was our view:

Mom and I sat down at the top and enjoyed the BREEZE! check out my face:

Yeah, this was great up here! It was sunny and breezy and just so much to see:
Well, mom and I sat there for quite a while, just enjoying the day. Then we headed back to the car for a drink of cold water!
When we got home guess what else I got? A BATH!! Apparently mom doesn't want sand and stuff in her bed and I had sand on my nose and face and stuff. Okay, I stood there like a drowned rat and took it. I got mom back afterwards though by trying to eat the towels! So mom and I came to an understanding that you probably wouldn't want to see a picture of drowned rat so here is another handsome picture of me:That was a fun adventure that me and my mom went on. Stay tuned for next weekend when I may be visiting some place nicknamed, "the ledges!". Mom has to find out if they allow dogs there or not. Cross your paws that they do!
Kirby, aka beach dude!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's been going on...

Kirby here-

Well yesterday, Mom helped Harbor Humane Society with another adopt a thon. Mom always works this one at the ChowHound the first Saturday of every month, she then will help with another one during the month if our schedule allows it. Anyways, usually she drives the humane society's van with the dogs, but they had 3 events going on yesterday!! The van was needed for a parade so mom and two other ladies loaded the dogs up in their cars and took them to Chow Hound (aren't they awesome!). Anyways, mom had this adorable 4 1/2 year old beagle named Sadie:Isn't she just cute! Mom said this was her first adopt a thon event, she whined in the car both ways but aside from that handled it like a pro! She was great with people and all the dogs and wasn't shy at all. She is going to make a wonderful friend for someone. Her story is very sad and I want to share it with you. She was an owner surrender along with another beagle named Grover. Grover had a thyroid problem that was very easily solved with a pill every day. The owners never took care of it. They basically fed Grover and Sadie whatever whenever and they became overweight. Sadie is a little overweight and like mom said, she needs a good food and exercise. Grover however is about 50-60 pounds overweight, he is a BEAGLE! So you can imagine how extremely bad he is right now. When Grover was surrendered he could barely step over the edge to get into the building! Sadie and Grover are in the same kennel and mom saw Grover yesterday, she wants to cry everytime she sees him because he is so overweight. He is know prone to diabetes, heart problems, joint problems and loads of other problems! This is neglect folks! The humane society would love to adopt them out together, but the chances of that are slim. So they are doing everything they can for Grover to get him healthy and trying to find Sadie a good home.

They also had Molly. She is a lab mixed with thinks maybe a golden retriever, she has very soft fur with a hint of brown in it. She is only just a year old. She was an owner surrender. She was adopted from Harbor when she was just a pup, and then returned when the family said they just didn't have time for her. Mom just said well that is their loss, because she is a wonderful dog and catches on very quick. She will also be another great dog for a family. Here is pretty picture of Molly:Moose was the other dog there. He is a BIG lab-pit bull mix. He was found as a stray a few months ago. They figure he is about 4 years old or so. He really is a laid back guy, but for some reason Mom said he had an attitude yesterday (I know how that is). Mom had him at some other adoption events and he usually is very good but he was growling at some of the other dogs, so Moose spent a lot of time walking around outside and chewing on rawhides in his crate. It was okay, he was very happy to be doing that. Here is a pic of big ole Moose:Mom said they had a great time yesterday with the dogs and visiting with people. Mom likes the adoption events. She always comes home exhausted but she always feels good! She found out yesterday that 3 dogs she has had at adopt a thons were going into foster to adopt homes! These are people who agree to foster a dog and have the option to adopt them. It is kind of like trying out a dog. It has been very successful! Also, a few others are going into foster homes so they can work on things like housebreaking and obedience. The lady that was helping my mom yesterday just got her foster dog adopted out (yeah!) and picked up another one Friday night to start says she is really cool!

Last night my mom and I went to Scooter's house and we got to play outside till it was dark. Scooter was feeling really good (she is 14) so we were chasing each other around the yard. Here is a nightime picture of us. We had a lot of fun!

Well check out what mom got me today:
Yep, another toy! This is one of my "job" toys. You see I need jobs to do when mom leaves and finding treats is one I tend to be excelling at! This is called a "Tug a Jug" it is made by Busy Buddy, they make my other treat ball too. Anyways, I had a lot of fun with it. Mom put some kibble in it and I gave it a shot. I guess you are supposed to pull the rope up and down and the treats will come out. I can't get the kibble to come out yet!! I tried pulling it up onto the couch. I thought maybe if I stared at it long enough the kibble would come out... I tried getting them out by laying down....still no luck.....

Okay, mom, we need to discuss this toy....I think this "job" is going to be really difficult for me!

Well...there is always tomorrow....