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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog Hop Saturday!

Kirby here-

Well, we have a dilemma here in Kirby's World. Apparently my favorite stuffy, LION, is missing an eye. I really have no idea where it went, mom suspects that I chewed it off. Now why would I do that!
So, while the mystery is pondered in here in my world go and check out these cool bloggers:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My first award!

Kirby here!

Wow, this is my first blogger award! Thank you to 24 Paws of Love: and Honey Buzz: (sorry guys, mom hasn't figured out how to do the name and link thing yet.) You guys are great!

So now I need to share 7 things about me.
1. My name could have also been Finnegan, mom would have called me Finn for short OR I could have also been named Sonny (my mom's name is Cher....get it....Sonny and Cher!). But name was voted on by my mom's family and Kirby won by a landslide!
2. I eat Nutro Natural Small Bites Lamb and Rice dog food! Yummy! I have ate this since I first got home from the shelter and have loved it since!
3. I go for two walks every day. In the morning, I regrettably get out of my warm bed and go keep my mom company on her walk and then when she gets home from work we go for a walk again. In the summer it's actually three sometimes because if it's super nice we will go later in the evening too because it stays lighter out later.

4. I sleep in mom's bed at night. I have a special blanket at the foot of the bed, but at first I start out by mom so she can pet and rub me (this helps her to sleep) and then when she dozes off I move down to the foot of the bed.
5. I will pose for any kind of picture if a treat is involved. You can put Santa bears by me, toys, tennis balls long as I get a treat in the end!
6. I skip breakfast in the morning. I didn't always used to, but for the past couple of months, after mom takes me out for my morning pee, I RUN back to the bed and go back to sleep. Don't worry I get 3 treat balls during the day so it's not like I'm starving or anything.
7. I love to chase snowflakes! In the morning if it is snowing and the snowflakes hit the lights just right they look like little bugs or something and I love to go after them!

So hopefully you learned some new things about me. Now I must pass this award onto 15 more awesome blogging doggy dudes. (Again I apologize because mom hasn't figured out how to do the name/link thing yet).

According to Gus:
Pip gets back in the game:

All you bloggers have to do is put this award on your blog, thank the blogger that sent it to you, tell us 7 things about yourself and then pass it onto 15 other bloggers!

So stop by any of these blogs and check them out!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

My week in review!

Kirby here!
Well it's been quite a week so I thought I would wrap up my Sunday night by sharing with you my favorite moments!
First off, on Tuesday I got the Paw Hide Puzzle I won from Bocci! Not only were mom and I excited, but the UPS guy who delivered the box said that there must be some smart dog living here to be able to do that kind of puzzle, well of course I told him it was ME! Here is a picture of me with the puzzle:Below is a pic of me working it. Mom said I had to start out with just one cup, but as of today I am doing three and may try for four tonight!! Mom said I was so funny because it took me awhile to realize the treat stayed in the puzzle. I took the cup off with my mouth and would go running off with it, but there was no treat in the cup, then I realized where the treat is, now I'm a pro!I had so much fun with this that mom said we should take it over to Scooter's house tonight. Scooter is a beagle mix who is 15 years old!! But she could still do the puzzle and had fun with it too:Mom said we will bring it over to Grandpa and Grandma's house for Ollie to try too. Then Friday night when mom came home from work, she said we had company coming! My Aunt Lori and the kids were coming over and Aunt K and little B and Scooter were too! So everyone came over and we had pizza and Aunt Lori and the kids spent the night. They were supposed to go home Saturday but look what happened:Yep, not necessarily a blizzard, but over here in West Michigan they call it the Lake Effect Snow Machine! The roads were awful Saturday so Aunt Lori and the kids stayed one more night and when we woke up in this morning it was -7 degrees out! BRRRR!!!! It was really sunny and pretty, but so COLD! The kids really wanted to go out and play, but it definitly had to warm up a bit. So we played indoors. Mom thought it would be fun for me to try and jump over the was so much fun. I did this like a bazillion times! Look at me fly over the kids:So we did this and some of my tricks and eventually it was warm enough (if you consider 15 degrees warm) to go outside. The kids and I put our coats on and out we went. The kids had fun on top of the snow bank and sliding down the other side, so I had to go and check it out. Below is a pic of me jumping on the snow bank:
But it was so cold out there that when I got to the top of the snow bank, my paws were freezing up. That's Emily in the pic below trying to help me (can you see my tongue?) hee hee!:Yeah it was too cold in the snow for me, so I stayed on the plowed parking lot. I walked around and checked pee mail and stuff and horsed around with the kids a bit:
Well, we weren't out very long and it was time for my Aunt Lori and the kids to go home. I really liked spending time with these kids, they are a lot of fun and like to make me do my tricks! So after they left mom decided it was time to get my new window seat together. My mom got an old hamper from a family member and thought it would make a great window seat for me in the bedroom. She put a rubber backed rug over it so I'd have a little cushion and then threw a blanket over it...pretty cool huh:

Yeah, it was a great week, kind of on the cold side. Mom and I didn't get out for too many walks but we played a lot inside and worked on my puzzle and other brain games. The are calling for even more snow this week, but hopefully it will be warmer!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big Snow Country!

Kirby here-
Okay, it really isn't big snow country, but here in Michigan we are finally getting snow!! We are supposed to get even more this week, so mom and I are pretty excited. Today it was sunny and not too cold, in the 20s, so we went to the PARK and mom brought her camera. Here is a pic of one of the trails at the park:
I love going to the park because there is so much to smell and explore! Mom always hopes we run into other dogs so I can practice my good doggy behavior (hee hee hee), but usually we don't see that many dogs, even on the weekend. But that's okay with me, because I need the time to explore. Look at the hole I found, it was big enough for me to crawl into, but mom wouldn't let me:
So on we went through the park. We went this way.....
and that way....
Well, after the park, mom thought it would be lots of fun to get my picture in the BIG snow at home. Look at this huge snow bank right outside my door:Mom thought it would be so cool if I would go to the top of the snow bank and look over the other side, and she would be at the bottom to get my picture. Well as she went around the snow bank and down the hill she was stuck in snow up to her butt! I ran around to try and help her and I got stuck too! I wish we could have gotten pics of this hilarious moment but mom couldn't take the pics and get both of us out of the snow at the same time. So then we were both at the bottom of the hill and she pulls out my holee ball! Yippee! She threw it and off I went to find it. It was kind of hard to find it because it would sink in the snow, but as a determined terrier I wasn't about to give up. In the picture below the holee ball is the "hole" right above my head: It took me a minute to realize where the holee ball went: Ahhhhh......haaaaa! I got you holee ball!Look what happened to my holee is now also called the "ultimate" snow ball:Well, it was an afternoon of fun for me and mom. Eventually, me, mom and my holee ball decided to go in and dry off and warm up. Mom said she will look for some other toys that may do better in the snow and not sink. So, what do you like to play with in the snow? Let me know!
Kirby aka Mighty Snow Dog!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Kirby here-

Well, we finally got it! SNOW!! Usually in Michigan we get a lot of snow by Christmas time, but not this year. We actually had a green Christmas and New Years Eve was like 50 degrees! But this week we finally got snow!

Yesterday morning mom and I woke up and since it was Saturday we got to walk in the daylight! Now, I'm not a morning dog and mom came over to me by my bed and said, "Come on Kirby lets go out for a walk." So do you think I moved right away:If you guessed that I didn't, YOU ARE RIGHT! I may be new here, but I know how cold it is outside! So mom went to get her coats and boots on and I jumped on the couch to look out the window. I could tell by the bright sun and blue sky and sparkly snow that it was going to be very cold out there. I tried pleading with her, giving her the biggest saddest eyes I could. Please mom do we have to go out there:But she is tough, and said, "It's okay Kirby, we will just walk to the pond and back. You will have your coat on so you'll be warm." Oh JOY I thought, I get to wear my coat. That made me want to walk even more. So, mom got my coat on me and I very slowly came down the steps, prolonging the inevitable. Notice the sun coming through the living room upstairs in the picture below, you just know there's a huge sun puddle on the floor right now. Oh how I wish I was laying in it.So out the door we went. Mom kept saying how beautiful it was and how all the snow was sparkling in the sun. I think some of her brain cells were starting to freeze by now. Okay, it was pretty but it was like 5 degrees out! Here is a picture of the road we usually walk down. The snow has covered up all the pavement:
The picture below I'm letting mom put in. She was so proud of it. You can see all snow on the little branches and the pond in the background which has now officially frozen (kind of like my mom's brain cells)

So off me and mom went. Well, I lasted like 5 minutes and that was it. I stopped and held my paw up. Yeah mom, my poor little paws are freezing here. She picked me up and took her hand out of her glove and put it around my paws. Wow did that feel good, all the little snow pieces started to melt. "Okay Kirby. It is a tad cold out here, let's head back home." She put me down and we were off. When we got back to our place the snowplow had uncovered a little big of grass. I went over to it, oh how it smelled good. It reminded me me of summer, I wonder if summer is somewhere down here. Summer, if you are down there please come back soon, I miss you!

So all in all, was it that bad of a walk? YES! But my mom got my first snow pictures and that made her happy and I did, eventually, get to go back inside and lay in a sun puddle.

Today though, it was like 27 degrees and me and mom got to go to the park! It's funny how warm 27 degrees can feel after a day like yesterday! At least my poor little paws didn't freeze up and I could go about all my doggy business. She forgot her camera so I don't have any pictures of that, but apparently winter is going to be here for awhile so I'm sure the opportunity will arise again.

Wishing winter was warmer...woof!


Please see a message from my mom below:

Kirby's mom here-

I received an email yesterday from our volunteer coordinator at Harbor Humane Society. If you are new to my blog, this is the place that I adopted Kirby from and where I volunteer. They have been trying to implement some mental stimulation activities for the dogs. The volunteer coordinator has been using Kongs filled with stuff for the dogs but they are in desperate need of really tough chew toys for the dogs. They also need collars and leashes. They have asked volunteers if they have any old leashes or collars or chew toys that their dogs aren't using if they would consider donating them. I am wondering if any of you would be willing to donate any of these items. I know it would involve mailing them so if cost is an issue I understand, but then maybe you would consider donating them to a shelter near you.

If you wanted to make a cash donation for these items you can mail a check directly to Harbor Humane Society. Send it to the attention of Lauren, Volunteer Coordinator with a note about what to use it for and she will gladly purchase the item for you. She is the one implementing alot of these programs and is doing a really good job at it.

Some of the other programs they are implementing:

Treadmill walking. They had someone donate a treadmill and now they are teaching the dogs to walk on it. Since the dogs only get out once maybe twice a day this has been a great way to help the dogs burn off all that pent up energy. Lauren is amazed at how well the dogs take to walking on it too.

Smelling. They are using fragranced water in mist bottles to introduce different smells to the dogs. Dogs noses do alot of work for them, mentally!

Working for kibble. They have found out that by filling gatorade bottles with the dog's food that the dog is working to get the food out, another mental game for the dog.

These are awesome activities they are implementing, all to make a shelter dog more adoptable. However, Harbor Humane Society, like most shelters, do not budget for items like this and rely entirely on donations from the public. If you could donate something that would be so awesome.

If you can't donate, maybe you could volunteer your time by helping at a shelter near you in some way. You will be amazed at what a shelter needs help with, everything from office help to helping with animals and everything in between! You will be amazed at what a difference your time and donations can make in the life of a shelter dog!

If you would like to mail a donation please mail to:

Lauren, Volunteer Coordinator
Harbor Humane Society
14345 Bagley Street
West Olive, MI 49460

If you want to give online you can do that at their website

Thank you!

Kirby's mom