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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend in review...

Mosquito Patrol!
Kirby here-

Last night we had a pesky mosquito in the bedroom. Actually, he followed mom from the bathroom. Mom was swatting her head then pulled her nightshirt up over her ears. She looked pretty funny so I came up to the pillows to investigate. I laid down next to her. We were both starting to fall asleep when all of a sudden it buzzed my ears, so like a good dog, I tried to catch it...with my mouth. "Snap!" "Snap!" My mom then started to giggle and reached over and turned the light on. She then told me not to move, apparently the mosquito was on my back. She tried to get off without hitting me but it flew, she knocked it down off of the bed and disappeared. We sat up in bed for a few more minutes and waited for the buzzing to return. It never did. Mom patted my head and said "good boy, Kirby! Thanks for the laughs!" Apprently catching mosquitos, a quite serious task for myself, my mom finds quite funny! Well, if momma is happy than Kirby is happy!

Sorry we have no pics of the nasty doesn't put her camera by the bed (honestly I don't know why, she seems to have it everywhere with her otherwise!)

Back to mosquito patrol!


Doggy Torture!
Kirby here-
Okay, angel Max warned me about this device that mom brings out every once in awile at dinner time. He told me that mom calls it a grill, he informed me that it is actually a doggy torture device. Apparently she cooks really yummy meats on it and then doesn't give you any....See the picture below...see the torture I'm going through...

She actually has three steaks on that grill. I heard her say, "one for dinner tonight, one for lunch tomorrow, maybe in a tortilla and then one for dinner tomorrow night." Excuse me...what about know the little dog with the pathetic ear....Angel Max warned me, that the pathetic look doesn't work with our mom, but I had to try...wouldn't YOU give me a steak? Hmm...I even tried praying..

Well, even in the end I didn't get any. Mom said something about my tummy still needing to get used to my new food and that maybe next time she would give me some.....well, that will give me a chance to work on my pathetic look!

New Adventure!

Kirby here-

Well, to make up for not giving me a piece of steak (I think she felt kind of guilty), mom took me in the car to a new park. Look how excited I got in the car:

Oh my dog! Was this the coolest park ever! Look at this walkway:

As we walked down the walkway I got to say hi to a lot of dogs and smell so many smells that my mom said, "Kirby you are going nuts on me!" She wasn't being mean, she was laughing because I was just enjoying myself so much! There was this really cool bridge too with lots of water running under it:

Also, they have these posts like every 4 feet around the park and the trail...great places to leave pee-mail:
Mom and I had to come to an understanding on the posts, because there were so many! So every once in a while she said, "go ahead Kirby," and I'd get my chance!

It was a cool new adventure that my mom took me on and she said we will go back soon...maybe even this week since it's supposed to be a lot cooler too! I can't wait.

Well, such an adventure totally wipes me out, so now it's Sunday evening and I'm going to do one of my favorite pastimes:



Thursday, June 24, 2010

I met Ollie tonight!!

Kirby here-

Wow! My mom suprised me tonight with a ride in the car (which I get so excited about) and took me to a park in town! We walked around for a little bit so I could do my smelling thing and then my grandpa and grandma pulled up... with Ollie! I was really excited to meet him and he was really excited to meet me too. So we all went for a little walk together then stood under some trees where my mom talked to her mom and dad. Ollie and I just sat there looking handsome:

They all agreed that they think we will get along well together so we will probably go on a few more walks with each other...WOOF! I can't wait! I know my grandpa and grandma read my blog so tell Ollie I loved meeting him today and I can't wait till our next walk!

Till the next adventure



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kirby's been here 2 weeks!

Kirby's Mom here-

Well, Kirby's been here two weeks already! He seems to be adjusting pretty good too! He no longer cries and barks when I leave, in fact he will run up the stairs and look out my living room window and to watch me leave. Here are some things I've learned about Kirby in these two weeks:

He knows sit and stay.
He walks pretty good on a leash.
Loves to rearrange bed pillows and blankets.
Loves to sleep on my bed.
Is not afraid of thunderstorms.
Very easy to train..has learned down and roll over!!
Loves to eat.
Loves to look out the window.
Loves to see me come home!

Kirby here-

Well I have been here two whole weeks! Boy what an adventure for me, getting used to a new mom and a new place, which I have to admit once I've gotten used to is pretty nice! Here are some things I've learned in the past two weeks about my new mom:

Loves to make me do things so I get treats!
Loves to leave me a treat ball rolly thing when she leaves.
Loves to take me for walks (2 long ones and 1 short one every day)!
Loves to brush my handsome fur.
Loves to lay in bed at night and pet me...I love bedtime!
Loves to throw my tennis balls and toys for me.
Is always telling me I'm a good boy...does she know this could go to my head?
Loves to take me to new places.
Loves to come home to ME!

I have heard my mom tell me that this is my home now, forever, I am so glad! She smiles and laughs at me too...I really like that!

Sharing a picture with you of Kirby....

Kirby here-don't I have a cool view! Hee hee...this is what my mom thinks I do all day!!


Kirby and Kirby's Mom

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Adventure-Scooter's Yard!

Kirby here-
Saturday evening we went to Scooter's yard to play. What a yard she has! It is so huge! This is the entry way to her yard:

According to Scooter there are rabbits and moles that visit the yard so you have to keep your nose to the ground and sniff them out. Here I am giving it a try, although I really enjoyed just playing with her toys too. I kept my nose in her stuffed ring that I loved to chase after.:

Scooter also just likes to chill in her big yard, isn't she just the most awesome hound dog ever:
I thought, well I will give it a try too:

Yeah, it didn't last long, I was off and running after her toys. Scooter kept egging me on to keep running around her which brought laughter out of everybody. My mom didn't get any pictures of that because apparently I run too fast. I also have to be kept on a long lead when I'm in Scooter's yard because I can fit through the fence. Scooter's mom said I can come back anytime and run in the yard. (She's pretty cool isn't she!) All in all, Scooter and I are becoming friends and eventually my mom said I will get to go into her house too! I can't wait!

I will get to meet Ollie this week too, my grandma and grandpa's dog! He gets his shots Tuesday so I can meet him after that! I can't wait, mom says she thinks we will enjoy running after each other.

Till the next adventure....


Saturday, June 19, 2010

I went to the groomers!

Kirby here-

Well mom took me to the groomers today! What an adventure for me...they gave me two baths! Not because I'm stinky, they just do it to make me look extra handsome! Apparently I am also well behaved while I'm there...this relieved my mom. I don't know why she was worried as I do know how to behave myself most of the time. They cleaned up my face, paws, belly, and rear end. Here is a pic:
Also, I found out that while I was at the groomers, mom went to a farmer's market. There was someone there that had home made doggy treats and she brought home some free samples. So do you want to know if there were good....

YUMMY! I have three left, different flavors too! The one I just ate was a peanut butter one! Maybe we will BOTH go back there next Saturday and get more!

Also, I had to make a trip to the vet this morning also, because the groomer thought my neuter area could be infected or had a problem. So, mom said since the vet was still open we would swing by there. The vet checked me and I'm okay! Much to my relief and my mom's wallet! I do have to go back next week to the vet for my booster shot but that's okay there are so many nice people there and I get to ride in the car! Well I need to rest now, apparently I might have plans tonight!

Woof and yawn......


Thursday, June 17, 2010

My handsome guy...

Kirby's mom here-

I took this picture at the park, doesn't he look handsome:

Kirby here-I would say "ruggedly" handsome! At least she didn't post the one of me by the flowers... I have to admit though, I am quite handsome here! BOW WOW! GRRRRR!

-Kirby and his Mom

My friend Scooter!

Kirby here-
I met a new friend, Scooter and she is a really cool hound dog:
She is my mom's sister's dog. We met for the first time yesterday and went to a cool park and went walking, but didn't get too far because of the mosquitos! Look at this walkway, I definitely have to come back here and explore, especially with Scooter's nose!

Scooter and I really enjoyed walking with each other, for an old dog she sure is fun!

When we got back I showed mom another trick-I can jump into her trunk!

It was cool being back there! Mom wouldn't let me stay there though! It was a fun time. I got to go to a new place and meet a new friend. Mom says I have two more friends to meet, Ollie and Dillion....I can't wait!

1st day of no crate

Kirby's Mom here-

Well Wednesday didn't go too bad for Kirby being "loose" in the house. He did scratch up the door frame a bit more and he really had too much fun messing up my bed:

All in all, he really was a pretty good boy.

Thursday update: I ended up putting totes in front of the door that he likes to scratch the frame up. It seems to have worked, there wasn't as much wood on the floor when I got home! Kirby also didn't stay by the door crying and barking when I left (now he may have later on...I will never know), but he was looking out the living room window (above my garage) and watched me leave...YES!!!! He seems to be on his way to adjusting.

The other thing we have to deal with is excitement pee, which he does when I come home. I am hoping that as he adjusts this will go away too.

--Kirby's Mom

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goodbye Crate!

Kirby's Mom here-

Well, today Kirby finally showed me what he thought of his crate. You see, I have had problems with him getting used to the crate and part of me thinks that the crate was used as a punishment in his previous home. Why would I think this....take a look at the crate...he really wanted out:

Yes, he bent and actually removed the METAL wires off of the crate. He also was able to push the tray out from inside of the crate...I have no idea how he accomplished this since the bottom is completely enclosed with wire and to release the latch you need fingers! The gray bed was twisted under the wires on the bottom of the crate. He managed to pull in a pillow (the one he wrecked previously back into the crate (see lower right hand corner of picture) and ripped it open and stuffing had fallen out. The little brown thing in the middle of the crate is a stuffed lion that somehow he also managed to pull in part way. The good thing is, for the most part he was not hurt. It looks like he may have scratched his gums a bit, and I think his paws bled a little because I found drops of blood on the carpet and his paws look a tad irritated. He was a little stressed also, and is totally chilling out right now. He seems okay tonight and has ate, walked and done all his doggie business so hopefully there has been no permanent mental damamge done. So starting tomorrow, Kirby has free reign of the house!

I am a little worried, although last Thursday the only bad thing he did was scratch up my wood frames around the door. The good thing is, that he loves to lay on my bed, even when I'm in a different room. I think he thinks of this as a "safe place." I hope he goes there tomorrow. Although, getting out of the door will be fun in the morning! And by the end of the week I may have no wood trim left around my doors! Wish us luck!

-Kirby's Mom

Monday, June 14, 2010

Did Max make a visit this morning?

Kirby's mom here-

Well, Kirby has been starting to adjust to his new home pretty well, with the exception of the crate. He did something very brave this morning. Usually he follows me around in the morning. After I took him out and gave him his breakfast I went in the bathroom to get ready. When I was done I walked into the kitchen expecting to see Kirby there and he wasn't. I glanced in the bedroom and he was on the bed just laying there and stayed there during my entire breakfast! Max use to do this every morning. He would eat breakfast and then hop back in bed! I have a book written by a girl whose dog died. In the book she talks about the time when you decide to get another dog and how your previous dog will come down and give him some pointers. Max loved my bed...Kirby is loving it too. Thanks ya! PS: Can you help him with the crate!

Sharing another pic of Kirby:

-Kirby's Mom

Genius in the house!

Well, I showed my mom one of my talents I have! Last night she called me up on the bed for bedtime, a time I love so much! Well, she has these really nice soft pretty pillow shams on her bed so I decided to rearrange them. However I only rearranged my side-yes I have a side of the bed! I crawled under the one sham and wiggled it, my mom was laughing at me. Apparently I look cute doing this or something. I wiggled the pillow sham down the bed a bit and then I pushed the pillow up a bit and pulled the covers down and created my own bed:

Yes, I actually made the perfect bed for myself! My mom was very impressed and asked me where the mints on the pillow were, not sure what she was talking about with that, but I did hint to her that a couple of dog bones on my pillow would be nice!



Saturday, June 12, 2010

My week in review-summed up as uh oh!!

Kirby's mom here-

Well Kirby came home on Tuesday June 8. I spent all day with him on Wednesday. We also went to the vet on Wednesday because he had a cough that kept us both up Tuesday night. The good news is, we don't think it's kennel cough, it could possibly be irritation in his throat from the tube they used during his neuter surgery. Kirby also had an ear infection which the vet looked at and told me it wasn't too bad. Thursday morning Kirby got sick, and threw up some bloody stuff. I called the vet and we changed his meds and it has helped him immensely, even the cough has gotten better. On Thursday, I thought would give him the run of two rooms (living room and kitchen) and see how he does. He was barking and scratching at the door like mad when I left, I wasn't worried because I have metal doors. I forgot about the wooden door frames. Yes, he scratched them up good. So on Friday, I put him in his crate, which was the suggestion of the shelter and he cried a good part of the day. He came out of his crate at the end of the day, kind of cowering. I contacted the shelter, they said it was possible he could have had some bad experiences with the crate, but to keep on working him into it and not give up. So this morning I put him in the crate and went out for breakfast with my sister and then grocery shopping. Kirby was in the crate for about 2 1/2 hours. On top of the crate has been a towel, to kind of make it homey for him. Well here is what he did to the towel:

This was on top of the crate, nicely folded. I found it on the side of the crate pulled through the bars...I have no clue how he did this, but he seems to be a little mischevious, huh? I did call the vet and told them he may have ate part of a towel or shredded it, so they told me what to watch for in case he actually did.

He also has a nice blue dog bed that fits in the crate that is like the one in the kitchen. He loves laying on this one:

Well that also has a hole in the bottom now. So now I'm in the hunt through the house to find something to put in his crate for him to lay on that if he does decide to destroy won't hurt him.

On the upside, here are some cute pics of him playing with this little toy:

More adventures later...

Kirby's Mom

I'm here!

Well I finally am here! Actually, I was here a few days ago, but it takes a guy to get used to his new place. I'm finding it out that I have it pretty good here. Not only do I have a new mom, but I have a cool grandma (she reminds me of my mom), and an awesome grandpa (whom I haven't met yet, but hope to soon once he feels better), two aunts (met one and she rocks, can't wait to meet the other one, and four cousins (met one and he is awesome, small like me and likes to play with my toys! I hear the others ones are also cool so I can't wait to meet them too!) Also, I have a bed in every room...check this one out...pretty posh huh...

Yeah, I know I'm pretty good looking in it aren't I. I also like to lay on my mom's bed especially at night, she is so nice to sleep next to. So, so far I have determined that this is a pretty cool place with a pretty cool mom! Well I am sure there are going to be more adventures keep checking back!