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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where have I been???

Kirby's mom here-

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Just so you know, Kirby and I didn't have any bunny stew! Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my Smilebox below. I had so much fun with Kirby that day!

Well Kirby and I have been having some major computer problems the past few weeks so now the computer is in for repair. For weeks I have been having problems just getting onto the internet and we have tried some repairs from the computer place but have not been having much luck. We hope to have it back by the end of the week.

So today Kirby and I are at my sister's house and I thought I would give you a quick update as to what's been going on with Kirby.

Rally: Last Friday Kirby and I did the course twice without the leash and he did AWESOME!!! I was nervous at first because of the other dogs and how he could react, but he handled it awesome! It was fun for both of us.

New training tool: I started using the Halti with Kirby last Sunday. It took some getting used to but he is adjusting good to it. It is working great around other dogs too. We walked a behind a dog the other day and Kirby didn't pull towards him or anything. Today we met my sister and her dog Dillion at the park and Kirby did great, no growling. This is really important, because if Kirby and I are to do the fun rally event in June he has to be able to control himself around the other dogs. So far so good. We will try some pet stores soon to see how it goes there.

Canine freestyle: Have you heard of Honey the Great Dane? She is hosting a dance contest and Kirby and I are going to enter it. You can get to her blog from Kirby's blog by finding it on the blogroll. what will Kirby and I be dancing too? I will give you one clue, it's a Beach Boy's tune!!!

Volunteering events: My niece Emily and I volunteered with Harbor Humane Society last weekend. We had a blast and I have some wonderful pics that I will try to post later.

I miss visiting all your blogs and hopefully will be able to visit them soon and start posting again!

Kirby's mom


  1. Oh we've missed you!! So glad to hear from you and hear that you're all OK - that's great news about the Halti and congrats on the awesome Rally run! And I'm so pleased to hear that you're still on for the dancing contest! (I was worried you'd dropped out!) Ooh! I LOVE Beach Boys!! Can't wait to hear more - any chance you might give us a bit of a "behind the scenes" sneak peak of Kirby's dance practices? :-)


  2. LOL, I love your new header! It's so CUTE!!!
    I know many of our furfriends love bunny meals but Eva is so strange. She is a greedy dog and she loves foods but bunny kibbles is the only one she spits out immediately. I wonder why she doesn't like it though!
    Look forward to watching you dance with your mom, Kirby!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Good to hear from you two again! Thansk for all the updates. My hoomie & my daughter, Megan will be entering Honey's competition too. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Good going Kirby on the non reactiveness! What Halti did your Mom get for you? Rally sounds like a blast!

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Sorry to hear about the computer problems - hope they are resolved soon!

  6. Hope you're up and running soon, Kirby and Kirby' Mom