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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A day at the Ledges

Kirby's mom here-

Well, there is nothing like a nice autumn day here in Michigan! Yesterday, Kirby and I made a trip to my sister's and we all went to Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan. My sister has 3 kids all of which Kirby adores and vice versa. This park, nicknamed the Ledges, which you will see why below, has to be one of the most beautiful parks I have been to. Here are a few pics:

Many little creeks and streams run through the park and empty into the Grand River. The park is nicknamed the Ledges because throughout it, huge ledges have been formed over the years. There is one trail that has quite a few of them.
This is my niece Emily on on of them. She is actually on a wide landing, so she really isn't right on the edge.
All along the ledges are little caves, and crevices the kids and Kirby enjoyed exploring:

(Kirby wishing he could have joined them!)
Me, Claire my niece and Kirby in one of the little caves. These were really cool, we found one that was actually dripping water. Some were big like the one above, others you had to be little to fit into:That is my nephew Tyler in a little one, he had to lay down because it was that small! As you can see from the pics there are leaves everywhere. Here is are a few handsome pics of Kirby in them:
Check out his funny ear in the picture below:
He went absolutely nuts with all the smells. These are some of the few pictures where his nose is not on the ground! There were also tons of squirrels. We don't have any squirrels we live, lots of bunnies but no squirrels. Well here is a picture of one that drove Kirby absolutely nuts:
They were everywhere along the trail and Kirby enjoyed keeping an eye on them.

It is an absolutely beautiful park and dog friendly. We will definitely be going back! Here are some more handsome pictures of Kirby:
Kirby also got to meet my sister's dog Dillion at her house. Dillion also has a blog (that he shares with 2 cats and 20 some chickens!) here is his link you can click here or it is on the blog list on the side. Dillion is about a 7 year old chocolate lab who is very laid back, so I thought it would be okay for Kirby to meet him. Kirby of course barked and growled at Dillion and Dillion was totally cool with it. He gave Kirby his space and for the most part Kirby was okay only growling a few times. Kirby did love the cats. He never growled or barked at them, and didn't try to chase them either, even when one of them greeted him with a hiss. I really think he lived with cats in his past because he doesn't even go after the cats around our condo. I also found out Kirby loves chickens, well, loves to chase them! He ran around the coop a few times getting the old girls riled up and then I made him sit down for awhile and watch them. He made so many funny sounds at them it was hilarious! They were sounds between crying and barking. I didn't get any pictures of that because there was no way I could have held the camera and Kirby around the chickens so maybe next time. We are hoping as Kirby and Dillion keep on meeting that they will become friends and maybe we will then be able to get some pictures of them together.
It was a fun filled beautiful day for everybody. Kirby was totally pooped out on the way home. He slept the entire way! He is still trying to catch up on his sleep today.
More autumn adventures in Michigan later,
Kirby's Mom


  1. What a wonderful day at a beautiful park. Those ledges are quite interesting. Some of them look scary though!

    I must tell you that your header photo always makes me smile. It is terrific!

    Emma Rose

  2. Gosh, those are some beautiful shots, especially the ones of Kirby on the rocks. I will pop over and say hello to Dillon.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Woof! Dillon here! Lil' dude...can't wait to see ya again and don't feel like you have to hold back on those cats (I personally chase them once in awhile, just to keep them in line!) WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF! Someday you won't feel the need to growl at me, i just know it and we will greet each other with wagging tales and jumps of to Angel Max about it....okay..gotta go, I smell an old sock that needs to be chewed up, or is it a crayon? Hmmm...either way something around here needs to be chewed and its calling my name! Keep up the learnin' lil' dude! WOOF!
    Your Friend in the East
    Dillon, "Nose to the Ground Hound!"

  4. What a great park! The photo of the trees in autumn colors reflecting on the lake was stunning :) Would have gone nuts over all the rocks and caves and trails and squirrels and........... :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Hey we're from Michigan too! My people went and saw all kinds of fall colors in Tawas this weekend while they were camping.

    Kirby, you are just adorable. My mom person kept squealing when she saw your pictures.

    Nubbin wiggles,