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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last night's obedience class

Kirby's Mom here-

Last night at obedience class it was agility night! Mary, the trainer, got out all the toys and the dogs got to try them out. Kirby did every single one, including the LONG tunnel. He really liked it. So is agility going to be his thing? We will see. I think I may talk to Mary to find out how I would proceed in this. Next week we get introduced to rally obedience, I'm excited for this too!

Last night they also practiced some of the tests for CGC test. Kirby normally doesn't like it when people touch his feet or paws. Well that's part of the test. We tried this a few weeks ago and when the trainer tried to touch his paws he really didn't like it, he stood up. During this part of the test he has to sit and stay sitting. Well, last night he was totally cool with it! YIPPEE! I have worked so hard with Kirby on this step so it was nice to see this pay off. I really think Kirby has a chance to pass the CGC test.

We had our typical doggy issues last night. A new dog was in class last night and just happened to sit next to us. A 6 month old standard poodle named Samson. He's a really cute dog, but very much a pup and the owner wasn't really paying attention to her dog. I told her about the issues Kirby has and in time he would probably be fine with Samson, but yeah, Kirby let him have it a few times. A few times on the agility toys Kirby also growled at some dogs, but at other times he did great!

Kirby has also decided to be friends with this little dog in our condo development. He has disliked this dog for quite awile, but the other day her owner and myself stood there talking and her dog and Kirby had a good chance to get used to each other. Tonight when we went out for a walk we met them walking and Kirby and her tried to play together. I love these little milestones with Kirby!

Also, you may remember another post about the elderly couple's dog who was hit by a car. Well, they go another dog Saturday! She is really cute, black like their other one, but a little bit smaller. She is about 5 years old and named Missy. They are totally enjoying her which is so good to see. Kirby has met her once, I think after they meet a few times, they will be fine with each other too.

Well here is a cute pic of my Kirby to share with you. He just loves the sun:
Kirby's mom


  1. That is all good news! Yay!

    Emma Rose

  2. Good job, Kirby! I am glad your neighbors found another dog to love.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. That is great news Kirby!
    Oh, you have been featured on my blog for Friendly Friday! It was Oskar's idea, another thing he does for PBU. What a great dog he is!

    Cuddles & Licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  4. Awesome news Kirby - Agility looks like fun but big ole Fred just doesnt care for it :)

    Haylie doesnt care for her paws touched much either :) You sound like you are doing great, keep us posted!!

  5. It sounds like a really fun time. I'm dropping by from Miley's blog to say hello!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Agility sounds so fun! Mom keeps talking about signing me up for courses to keep me busy in the winter!

  7. Kirby, sounds like your days and nights are busy busy busy! Glad you're getting to know and enjoy your neighbor dogs. You'd probably really like my cockapoo neighbor Petie. He's a wild child :) Too small for me to play with but we enjoy some lively conversations over the fence :)

    You look very cheery in the sun puddle :)

  8. Hi Kirby - Shiloh'n Shasta here. We r nu followerz who came by frum Miley'z blog. It soundz like u r well on your way tu gittin'that CGC title - we both haf r'z. We r not shure 'bout this but we both du therapy vizitz - haf u an'your mom thought 'bout that? U r such a cutie-patootie an'we bet anyone u vizit wood think so tu. An'u must b one smart little doggy tu no all them things. Well we gotta git fer now - past r bedtime. C U around.......