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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Friday, February 4, 2011

What kind of mutt am I?

Kirby's mom here-
Kirby and I decided to join the Mystery Mutts Tour! This is where you help us decide which breeds of dogs make up the mutts we have. So here is some information on Kirby:
I describe Kirby as a terrier mix.
Size-currently he is about 17 pounds and about 13 inches tall (floor to shoulder). Length-long.
Fur-somewhat wiry however very soft on his head, hears and scattered throughout his back. Wiry and shiny on his paws. Does shed a little bit.
Eyes-big, brown, human like is what I've been told. Has beautiful blond eyelashes!
Ears kind of flopped over, one is crooked. Has wisps of hair that hang off of them.
Nose, muzzle-long, pointed.
Tail curls up over the back, actually is very tight, but he does let it down when sleeping or completely relaxed.
Personality-not overly hyper, will play fetch and tug of war but is also okay to just lay and chill with you too. Extremely smart, loves to do treat puzzles and learn new tricks. Not a barker, he will bark when the door bell rings, but not normally at everything he sees out the window.
Here are some pics that show his coloring and make-up:

So let me know what you think Kirby is mixed up with! Check out the other mutts below too!

Okay, Kirby here-Mom can't figure out how to get the list of mutts to show up...sorry guys.
Kirby and His Mom


  1. A super cute mutt!!! I would say you have some long-haired doxie, not sure what else, but I will keep thinking about it.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. It's really interesting! I just know that Kirby is Kirby and he's a cutie pie!!!

  3. Hi Kirby, oh my gosh you are adorable!!
    I'm guessing cairn terrier, norfolk terrier and tons of cute! woweee! If you want to include the link, you can go to my blog and I have the code there. Thanks for joining the hop!

  4. I love your header, he looks so sweet!

    You know, to me he definitely looks terrier, maybe Cairn or even Yorkshire or both. But his stance and his floofy tail remind me a lot of a long-haired Chihuahua. Especially in that second photo. There is one in our agility class and Kirby shares a few characteristics with Cheeko. But I could be crazy. :-P

    Thanks for participating!

  5. I am not as good with the smaller breeds but that second picture looks like Norfolk.
    Picture number 3 shows those eyes that can get anything they want. Melt my heart!
    The top picture reminds me of the Muppet dog from Fraggle rock.
    Maybe there is some Shih Tzu in there?

  6. Well.....I think Kirby is a relative of Benji! But in all reality he is the type of mutt that goes under the classification of "heart stealer." Love the header picture Cher...what a Romeo you got there! Love to both of you!

  7. Kirby definitely does have lovely, human eyes; I would not be able to refuse him anything!

    In the second picture, he has the same stance as Frankie, and kind of resembles him. Of course I'm not sure what Frankie is except terrier-ish!

  8. I'm not so good at this...I know some kind of terrier, then whatever type of dog has that curly tail.

  9. what a great photo. i would say part cairn terrier, maybe yorkie, cockerpoo comes to mind too, plus an extra dose of adorable thrown into the mix.

  10. Love the new Valentine header...very festive! :)

    Kirby is 100% cute...but my first guess was Cairn. We see the cutest Cairn at the dog park and Kirby reminds me a lot of her.

  11. So cute! I would also guess Cairn & Norfolk!

  12. We found out about this contest too late... Trixie is a total Mystery Mutt! You might also like this site ... You can post your pic, and people can vote on what kind of dog you are! They donate 15% of their advertisement revenue to shelters!