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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rally is a GO!!!

Kirby's Mom here-

I was in contact today with the instructor who teaches rally and she has classes starting in March! She is totally cool with Kirby being "dog reactive" (new term for me) and is very encouraging in helping him over come this. Her sessions last 4 weeks and run continuously. They all build on each other. She covers everything in rally including turns, healing, downs etc... I am so excited to go down this road with Kirby!
So for now, we are working on socialization skills and building up trust between Kirby and me. She gave me some ideas and I've been doing a lot of reading so Kirby and I have a lot of fun things to do this winter.
March just can't come fast enough!
-Kirby's Mom
Kirby here-I wish March would come faster....then I wouldn't have to wear my coat!!!


  1. Very exciting! I know Kirby will do well.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. That is quite exciting. Looking forward to the updates!

  3. *squeal* Good for you! Let me know if you have an questions about Rally. It's SUCH a fun sport, especially for dogs with anxiety problems (and my Marge sure has her share of those - LOL!) You will LOVE it. And March will be here before you know it!

  4. That sounds lots of fun is on the way! I am still learning on how to make a stronger bond with Eva and I'm wondering how I could build the trust up with her too.

  5. Dillons mom said: YEAH!! You go Cher! Can't wait till next Spring...remember, let me know when we can help, so the crate doesnt become an issue...that would throw off his whole day with to both of you!
    Lori :)

  6. You will enjoy Rally. The best advice I can give is be sure you understand what the signs mean before teaching Kirby. You would be surprised how many times us humans got confused! Break down the steps and teach him each one before putting them together. I found using one word and a hand signal worked best. Our classes were full of people, dogs, lots of noise but when we were working Kirby was so focused on trying to figure out what I wanted him to do. I bet your Kirby will be the same - it's great for bonding!