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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A taste of rally!

Kirby's Mom here-

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to a local AKC dog show. They had rally obedience trials there all weekend and I was able to go to one this morning! I went to the dog show yesterday, but didn't realize rally was in the morning so I missed it. I did sit in on some obedience trials and those were really interesting. Anways back to the rally trials...very cool! I have watched some on youtube and did it a few times in class but really wanted to see it in person before I decided if Kirby and I should proceed with it. I really liked it. They started with rally excellence and worked their way down. When they got to novice, what Kirby would be, it was very interesting. All the time I'm thinking...Kirby could do this!!! We do some of the exercises on our walk and Kirby is very receptive to it. So I have decided that Kirby and I are going to pursue this. I found a rally instructor, actually not to far from where our obedience class was so I will be contacting her soon. Mary our instructor told us about her, and said she is very much by the book and there is no playtime for the dogs (well this is totally cool with Kirby!) We will probably start next spring, because Kirby has to work on his issues with other dogs. AKC rules state that dogs cannot be snapping and barking at other dogs, so we will have to work on this. I have done some research on trying to get Kirby more socialized so we will see how it goes. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know, this is the only thing that could hold Kirby back from doing rally.

Kirby and I also braved the cold wind today and went to the park. Our ultimate goal was to chase some squirrels, but even the squirrels weren't out today. I think they saw Kirby coming!

Well I felt bad for the boy not being able to chase squirrels, so when I opened the pack of steaks tonight to grill there happened to be a very little one in the package. It had Kirby's name on it! So, Kirby got a piece of it tonight and I'll give him a piece of it every day this week...nice treat huh?

Hope everyone had a great weekend,

Kirby's Mom

Kirby here-

Well mom came home today telling me all about this rally thing. I have heard her mention this before and she gets so excited about it. Well if she gets excited about anything it's cool with me. Can you also believe there were NO squirrels in the park. I thought these guys were supposed to be storing up nuts and stuff. There were still lots of nuts on the ground and NO squirrels!!! I was kind of bummed so mom took me to another part of the park to explore...still NO squirrels. Mom told me they probably saw me and they are hiding. Well if you are going to play hide and seek, at least play fair and don't hide way up in the tree! I can't possibly jump that high.

Mom also got the doggy torture thing out tonight, she calls it the "grill." And she put those steaks on it again! But this time she said that there was a little one for me. YIPPEE! But, do you think I get the whole steak...NO WAY! I get a piece. One piece that's it! Mom said I will get a piece every day this week...okay....but if I ever figure out how to open the fridge it's all MINE!!!



Kirby's Halloween Costume...he was a hippie, for about 2 mins! (Kirby here-that's right 2mins!)


  1. Way to go Kirby (and Mom)! I've been on vacation and so busy, but fun busy! We have a new baby - 9 week old Bella who is NOT housetrained. So lots of work but she is delightful. My Kirby isn't crazy about Rally but does really good for about thirty minutes and then he refuses to do anymore! We only have to show him a trick twice and he can do it so I think the pure breeds are worried cause they voted no mixes in the trials this January, saying maybe next year. Our teacher adores him so we are going to take the Agility class in February. We just want to have fun!! Glad you like the recipes - I'm venturing into selling my treats local and eventually online! Love baking! for dogs, that is!

  2. Kirby, that's wonderful! Rally is an extremely good experience for so many reasons. Fun, motivating, gets you out and about and meeting new folks.. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in training for it.

  3. Woof Lil'Dude...that was a waaaay cool costume, you should have left it on (it could have disguised you from the squirrels!)...the rally thing is cool. My little people went to that same dog show and ever since they came back they have put me in training mode..I personally eat it up literally, cause they give me treats. Emily even got me to stay down for 2 minutes, but my old bod was tired so that helped. Anyways, I dont think I am rally material, but I will be cheering you on lil' dude! Make all us rescue dogs proud!
    Your friend in the East...Dillon "WTFT"-Will Train For Treats!" HAHAHAH!

  4. Good luck with rally. It has always seemed cool; keep us updated!

  5. Wow it sounds really cool & we love the costume!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Hey little Kirby! That rally stuff is hard. My idiot brother tried it and was a big failure. But you being a CGC and all and not a total cracker dog maybe you will do better and of course I think any training is worth the trip since it means more time with mom!