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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My CGC certificate came today!!!

Kirby here-

Mom and I stopped and got the mail today after a long walk at the park and she was so excited when she got back in the car. There was this big envelope and she just kept saying, "it came, it came!" I'm thinking, "okay mom....chill."

Turns out that my Canine Good Citizenship certificate came. Yep, she had to get a picture of me with it:

Mom got a little brochure with the certificate of all the things she can get with the CGC logo on it. She said she will probably get me the little ID tag, of course she also likes the bandanas and pins so who knows what we will end up with, mom goes a tad crazy when it comes to me. Makes me feel so good that I have made her so happy!



PS: speaking of mom going crazy, wait until the next post, the title might be "Mom's going crazy at Christmas!" Believe me , the pictures will tell it all! Just think of a santa hat, santa bears and poor lil ole me.


  1. Mom Beaglebratz here - oh now you have gone and made me wish I had gotten Shasta's sooner. When Shiloh earned his, I also ordered the larger of the two round patches - Shasta earned her;s about a year ago and I have not yet even ordered the certificate - bad mama. Isn't having that certificate a great feeling - not to mention it is such a great feeling knowing that your work with Kirby really paid off. If you are like me, it was "ok, we got that so what's next?" Congratulations Kirby and mom!

  2. Congrats Kirby!!! I am very proud of you, my friend!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Oh goodness, we remember when we got our CGC certificate in the mail. What a proud, proud moment. And yes, we had a photoshoot just like you did!

    Congratulations again!

  4. Congratulations, Kirby! I'm sure your mom is so proud of you!

    We can't wait to see some pictures of you with the bandana on and we are looking forward to seeing those Santa hat and Santa bears and wondering how cute you and your mom are!

  5. Yay for Kirby, CGC and your Mom! What a great early Christmas prezzie :)

    The holidays do tend to make us all nuttier than normal ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Good job on the CGC! I missed my test because I had to go to the vet, but momma said I would have failed because I would have howled when she abandonded me for three whole minutes. Oh well.


  7. Congrats...We got our CGCs this year too!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  8. Congratulations to you, Kirby!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Woof...Dillon here! Wow lil' dude....very cool..I'd try for something like that, but I think I would have to give up chewing up pencils and well...I....uh....dont wanna do that..but way to go lil' dude! Keep up the hard work (and yeah...our moms do go crazy about's just our rugged good looks ya know.) I roll with it. WOOF!
    Dillon, your lab friend in the East.