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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

New "job" toys for Kirby!

Kirby's mom here-
Well I am always on the look out for new "job" toys for the Kirbydude! Kirby really has a knack for trying to "solve a problem", or in his language, "gotta get to the treat!" Another blogger( and I apologize, I can't remember who posted it), posted about Holeee Balls. She said her dog loved it and she stuck a treat in it for him. Here is a pic of the one I got for Kirby, you can see his treat inside it:Well, he absolutely loves playing with this ball and will roll it and roll it and carry it around and throw it trying to get this treat out. I tested it, the treat will actually fall out one of the holes if he gets it just right. But both nights now though he has worked it and worked it, and I have helped him get it in the end. Here is a pic of him enjoying it:Today, I was at an adopt a thon with Harbor Humane Society and we were at ChowHound. I love this store, their selection of toys and food is the best that I have seen around! Well I have been looking at toys that I think will make Kirby really use his brain. I have seen some around but are pretty expensive. Well I found one today! It's called "The IQube". It is basically a box with cutouts on the sides and inside are four squeaky balls. I can also try to add a treat in there too. Well we tried it tonight, without the treat, and Kirby did this like 5 times. He really loved this toy. He loves it so much that the last time I grabbed the balls to put them back in, I could only find two (only here could we actually lose balls). So I now have to hunt down two squeaky balls. Here is a video of Kirby, he actually pulls them all out in less than a minute! But, the next time he did it it took him about five minutes.

Now here is another cool thing...The company that makes this is called Kyjen. Another blog I follow that I just read tonight has a post about a contest from this company! They are giving away a toy a day! So if you want a chance to win a cool toy like this go to Kirby the Dorkie's sight: and check out his Dec. 2 post about Boycotting Boring Toys. Kirby the Dorkie has a cool blog and his mom loves to post recipes for our canine companions. Stop by and check it out and tell them the other Kirby sent you!

-Kirby's mom


  1. Hey Kirby, I am glad you are having fun with your new toys! Keep up the good work!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. That's a good idea of putting a treat in that ball! I'm going to get a toy like it soon so Eva can spend hours on it, hooray!!! Life won't be bored anymore : )

  3. Great new toys Kirby! Way to use the ol' noggen! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  4. Higgins has holee balls in two sizes. The smaller one is his favorite toy! That other toy looks like fun too.

    Emma Rose

  5. Glad to see that Kirby likes his new toy! We've tried these types of treat dispensers, but Gus gets sooooo frustrated and we end up getting it out for him. Yup, he's spoiled :)

  6. Mom says having us to work for food is always good. However, I'd rather she just give me the treat and cut out the non-sense!

  7. Cher-very cool toys! Loved the video-Kirby is so dang cute and SMART! Must be the terrier in him! Love ya sis-keep it up..Kirbs is so lucky to have you!! Lori

  8. Love the video! Also love the nod to my blog - thank you! Would you believe my Kirby has one of those holey balls and as much as we play with it (mostly tug of war and him catching it in the air) I never thought to put a treat in it! It's a new toy now with a purpose! We have started buying the smart dog toys too - don't you love them?