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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Kirby and Diah Meet!

Kirby's mom here-

Well yesterday evening my sister and I decided to pack walk with Kirby and Diah (see a few posts below if you want to find out more about Diah) and I'm proud to report Kirby did very well! He did get all growly face on her at first but once we started walking he calmed down pretty quickly, he wasn't even huffy puffy! We walked for about 45 minutes and both dogs were pretty exhausted. When we returned to our spot Kirby felt comfortable enough to roll in the grass on his back with Diah watching him!! This is big for Kirby, he knew she was there, yet felt okay to be silly! Diah also did well, did growl a little bit at Kirbs when he did, but she did great too! They did not have any physical contact with each other yet, just walking on opposite sides with my sister and I in between them. We ended the adventure on a good note and we will plan on pack walking again. My sister and I really want them to get along because we spend time together at each other's houses, so we are taking this really slow. Also, when we were walking a some runners came by with a dog and we pulled off to the side. I put Kirby in a sit and we did the watch command with CHICKEN for treats and he never reacted at all to the dog!!! YES!!! I am really hoping with more good experiences Kirby will be able to keep himself under control when around other dogs.

I didn't bring my camera with me because I wasn't sure how the meeting would go, as they continue to meet I will try and get some pictures.

Enjoying Kirby,

Kirby's mom


  1. What a lovely walk both of you had. Kirby is a very good boy, he is getting there!

  2. That's very good Kirby & Diah!

  3. Woof

    Kirby is so very cool and thanks for sharing the chicken!I cannot wait to show you, where the rabbits nest is in the yard.


  4. This sounds great! I wish more people took the time to introduce strange dogs to each other like you're doing - that sort of pack walking together is such a good thing to do but most people just foist the dogs on each other (usually face-to-face and on leashes - aaarrrgghh!) - and if they don't group hug a la Disney, they accuse them of being "aggressive dogs"...GRRRRRR!!!

    So glad to hear it went well with Kirby & Diah!


  5. That is so great!! Sounds like things went really well for all of you. There is something about going for a walk together is works out better than face to face. High fives for you and Kirby!!

    We do the same thing with our two different packs. My husband and I take one from each and are able to walk them together. It always goes really well. We don't get to do it very often and wish we could work with them more like that. But are taking it slow and easy right now with them too. No reason to rush everything.

    Very happy for all of you!!

  6. Very good, Kirby' Mom! We will be taking our training tips from you-look forward to see how this works out... Something tells me that Kirby and his new gal pal will be best buddies in no time!

    P.S. Sorry we haven't been getting around to many blogs lately-PU is taking a class to help her write a proposal for that doggie rescue book she's putting together. Again, thanks so much for your story! If you know anyone else, please send them our way:-)

  7. Way to go, Kirby!

    It seems like you are taking a very smart approach to acclimating them to each other. I bet they will be best buds in no time. :)

  8. Gee Kirby, you look a lot like our Morgan and she agrees with you about the pleasure of tennis balls. Do you peel them like she does?
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties