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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

100 Days of Kirby!!

Kirby's Mom here-

Yes Kirby has been here 100 days! WOW!!! In schools they celebrate 100th day by doing different things. I thought hm...I could give Kirby 100 treats. Yes, he would love them, but in the end not a good idea! I thought I could tell you 100 things about Kirby that I love, but there are actually more than 100!! So, I guess I will just share with you the joys and trials of adopting a shelter dog.

Shelter dogs are gifts. I think of them as gift wrapped boxes. Each time you remove a part of the wrapping a part of the gift is reavealed. Each time Kirby and I learn something about each other or get into a situation something about him is revealed. I have no idea what his past was like, but as I have "unwrapped him" I do believe there was some abuse in it. He doesn't like it when I raise a shoe or paper to kill a bug, he literally cowers. But someone did work with him because he knew a few commands. Another part of this gift is that Kirby is a FAST learner! He catches on quick to tricks like rollover and shake. As I unwrap more, I learn that Kirby isn't crazy about other dogs, however, when given boundaries and encouragement he will associate with them. Kirby loves to ride in the car looking out the back window...some dogs like to look at life coming at them, Kirby prefers to watch life go by! Another part I unwrapped was his fearfulness of looking at me...probably part of the abuse, but now I can get him to look at me in the eyes...HUGE accomplishment! He still isn't crazy if I get too close to his face, but we are working on this. Kirby also isn't crazy about giving kisses, which really doesn't bother me.

There is so much more of Kirby to "unwrap" and I'm looking forward to every part of it. I'm amazed at how much dogs can learn from us, but also how much we can learn from them. The biggest thing Kirby has taught me is patience. I think the biggest thing I 've taught Kirby is trust.

Yes, adopting a shelter dog can be quite a challenge. You usually don't know their past. I know, even with Kirby, there are still things that I'm going to learn about him. But that's part of the gift!

Remember...when you adopt a shelter dog you save three lives! You save the dog you are adopting, you save the dog that gets turned in because he now has a kennel to stay in, and you save the dog that may have had to get put down because there was no more kennels available! Adopt your next best friend!!!

Sharing a pic of my gift:

Enjoying the gift of Kirby!
Kirby's Mom


  1. Passing through from the blog hop. Loved reading Kirby's story.

  2. awwww....loved this post! I love how he likes to ride looking out the back window, cute! Kirby is a gift that is for sure! Love ya sis!