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Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Super Saturday!!!

Kirby here-
Well it has been a super Saturday so far! Today the rain has stopped, for the most part, so mom and I got to go on an extra long walk this morning! Mom also volunteered today at an adopt-a-thon for Harbor Humane Society. They had 8 dogs there!!! WOW! My mom didn't even have a chance to get pictures because they were so busy. Mom said there was however one dog there that was pretty cool. His name is Powder, because he is all white, except for spots on his ears. He is a pitbull mix and he is BLIND!!! Mom got to spend some time with him and she said he was such a sweetie. It was his first adopt a thon and he did really good. Here is a picture of him at the shelter:

Isn't he cute! Mom said he was great with people and the other dogs. People couldn't believe he was blind! Because he couldn't see people in front of him, mom would tell people to say "Hi Powder" and hold their hand out so he could smell it. Powder would wag his tail and go up to the people. People asked how a blind dog would do in a house. Mom told people how dogs use there other senses, smell, hearing and touch. They teach themselves just like blind people teach themselves. People were amazed mom said. My mom's friend at the shelter has been really working with Powder, to understand the word, "Careful," when he comes towards something, he is learning to slow down and then uses his paws. It was really cool mom said!

Well the adopt a thon was in Grand Haven, Michigan. Mom and I don't get that far out most of the time and there were two stores that mom just had to go to after the adopt a thon! One was called "Just Dogs" and it is a gourmet bakery just for us! The other one is called "Must Love Dogs" and it's a boutique/spa just for us too! So mom went to both. The people who own them also support Harbor Humane Society by doing fundraisers and having adopt a thons in their stores. So look at what mom bought me....There is a small little package of assorted homemade bones. A HUGE package of assorted cookies, some good dog treats which are really tiny little bones, some training treats and some sweet potato jerky things. I have my own gourmet bakery!!!!! So far I have only tried one of the bones and they were delicious:So would you agree that I have had a super Saturday! I have the coolest mom ever!!




  1. Kirby you sure did have an awesome saturday and sounds like your mom had a good time too! Enjoy those treats!

    Fred and Haylie

  2. Yes you certainly did have a super Saturday! Kirby you really SCORED at those stores!

    Wonderin if your Mom luvs ya enough ;)

  3. What a great Saturday. We hope the human society dogs find forever homes soon. Thanks for stopping by Tails From The Dach Side. :)

  4. What a great Saturday! How was your Sunday???
    Powder is really cute, I hope he finds a good home: just like yours!

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

    P.S. Can I have one of those cookies?

  5. Anyone who volunteers with rescue is cool in my book!!

  6. Stopping by on the blog hop... hope Powder finds a good home! Happy Sunday!

  7. Kirby, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you will visit again. Powder is a very special and amazing pup, indeed. I hope he finds the perfect forever family who deserves him and who will take care of him, keep him safe, and love for the rest of his days! Your Saturday treats look delicious.

  8. Hi, Kirby! Thanks for stopping by on the blog hop. It's great to meet you, and thank you for introducing us to Powder! What a gorgeous boy. Your mom is pretty cool to have such a beauty at home AND continue to work with rescue dogs like Powder! They say that once we get rescue in our hearts, it's impossible to get it out! :)

  9. Great to meet you pal! Thanks for visiting our bloggie. My mom was up in Michigan this weekend, in Ann Arbor visiting OLD college buddies! Look forward to playing with you on your blog!

    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese (@CosmoHavanese)
    To Dog With Love (our bloggie)
    PS Love the music!!!

  10. Wow, that's great that the group is working with Powder. Normally people wouldn't give him a chance, but it's so great to see your mom and the rest of the group working with him. I had heard about working with deaf dogs, but I wasn't as familiar with how to work with blind dogs. It does look like you had a great Saturday!