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I am dog. I believe in unconditional love. I do not settle for infatuation or puppy love. I believe in true love to the end. I am a life-long lover who will lie at your feet, on the bed, by your chair, at your side. I am dog. I insist on your love. I will stay on a grave of a lover until my end. I believe in commitment. When we have chosen each other, I will be there for you with plenty. Out of my heart flows life and love. You fill my life with abundance and I am fulfilled. Unconditional love is the highest gift. I am committed to love.

Taken from Dog Psalms by Herbert Brokering

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My week in review-summed up as uh oh!!

Kirby's mom here-

Well Kirby came home on Tuesday June 8. I spent all day with him on Wednesday. We also went to the vet on Wednesday because he had a cough that kept us both up Tuesday night. The good news is, we don't think it's kennel cough, it could possibly be irritation in his throat from the tube they used during his neuter surgery. Kirby also had an ear infection which the vet looked at and told me it wasn't too bad. Thursday morning Kirby got sick, and threw up some bloody stuff. I called the vet and we changed his meds and it has helped him immensely, even the cough has gotten better. On Thursday, I thought would give him the run of two rooms (living room and kitchen) and see how he does. He was barking and scratching at the door like mad when I left, I wasn't worried because I have metal doors. I forgot about the wooden door frames. Yes, he scratched them up good. So on Friday, I put him in his crate, which was the suggestion of the shelter and he cried a good part of the day. He came out of his crate at the end of the day, kind of cowering. I contacted the shelter, they said it was possible he could have had some bad experiences with the crate, but to keep on working him into it and not give up. So this morning I put him in the crate and went out for breakfast with my sister and then grocery shopping. Kirby was in the crate for about 2 1/2 hours. On top of the crate has been a towel, to kind of make it homey for him. Well here is what he did to the towel:

This was on top of the crate, nicely folded. I found it on the side of the crate pulled through the bars...I have no clue how he did this, but he seems to be a little mischevious, huh? I did call the vet and told them he may have ate part of a towel or shredded it, so they told me what to watch for in case he actually did.

He also has a nice blue dog bed that fits in the crate that is like the one in the kitchen. He loves laying on this one:

Well that also has a hole in the bottom now. So now I'm in the hunt through the house to find something to put in his crate for him to lay on that if he does decide to destroy won't hurt him.

On the upside, here are some cute pics of him playing with this little toy:

More adventures later...

Kirby's Mom

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